About Us

For over 50 years, we create master-work for the most demanding customers. Thanks to a careful choice of materials, tools and methods of manufacture, our company reproduces furnitures of the XVII and XVIII century with artisan techniques similar to those used by cabinetmakers of that period.

Woods used are walnut, cherry, chestnut, zebrano, bois de rose, bois de violet, maple, boxwood and other fruit woods that can be solid or slab.

To build the internal structure we choose resinous wood or old wood reclaimed from dated pieces as vintage beams or vintage floors; alternately we renovate old furniture repairing the inlaid with slabs of a thickness of 3, 4 or 5 mm.

Our main peculiarity is to use material roots, feathers and hiking boots entirely sawn directly in our laboratory to ensure for our customers the highest originality and craftsmanship. We never produce set pieces to ensure the uniqueness of each product.

The polishing is done exclusively with the technique "pad" with shellac to partridge without the use of other synthetic substances; in the final stage runs a pass based on beeswax.

We offer unique and customized chestnut handicrafts appearing precious and valuable over time.